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Junior volleyball, also known as club volleyball, is a nationwide volleyball system comprised of individual clubs organized under one of several organizations (USAV, AAU, JVA, etc.) for the primary purpose of offering participants the opportunity to compete and develop skills well beyond the relatively short middle and high school seasons. Juniors volleyball, for both boys and girls, augments and exposes players to higher-levels of team volleyball, competition and collegiate recruiting.

USA Volleyball (USAV) is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of volleyball in the United States and is recognized as such by the Federation International de Volleyball (FIVB) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). The vision of USA Volleyball is to be acknowledged as the world leader in volleyball.

CAVC is a member of the USA Volleyball organization. All participants must comply with obtaining a USAV membership in order to participate in sanctioned USAV events; which include practices.

USA Volleyball

Old Dominion Region (ODR) is the volleyball association of USA Volleyball that serves the volleyball community in the Commonwealth of Virginia. CAVC 
is a member of the Old Dominion Region of USA Volleyball (USAV).

Old Dominion Region

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, sports organizations in the United States. A multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs.

While all of the CAVC participants have USAV membership, only Silver team student-athletes also have the requirement to obtain AAU membership in order to unlock more potential tournaments for their travel schedule.

AAU Volleyball

When selecting a Club volleyball program, the decision must be based on what works best for the student-athlete and family. Factors such as cost, coaching staff, program organization, commitment requirements, practice/tournament opportunities, additional services and overall environment are important entities to be considered in the decision making process.

CAVC commits to providing a wide-range of year round opportunities, both indoors and outdoors, for its participants thus allowing student-ahtletes to receive the best fit for training and competition in order to further the advancement of their abilities.

CAVC is the longest standing (founded in 2004), most successful (best finishes in travel competition and getting players into college) and most encompassing (catering to all age levels, genders and nuances of the sport) in the area. We provide skilled training year round to its participants in the pursuit of excellence on and off of the court. We have a proven service of professional policies and procedures, diversified opportunities, increased organization, dedicated staff, well trained and qualified coaches, and most importantly individuals who are passionate about good character and the sport. CAVC is constantly trying to better itself and is evolving into a larger program that is bringing increased skill, relationships and competition to the Charlottesville area; thus allowing its many participants augmented opportunities in personal and team development, middle and high school, college, community and beyond.

CAVC is currently governed by an appointed Board of Directors that volunteers their time, vision and expertise to the program for love of the sport as well as ambition to improve the lives of others through service and instruction. The CAVC Board appoints Directors which dedicate their leadership in running the club diligently year round on a permanent basis; the Executive Director and Director of Operations. The next tier are the Coordinators which handle specific tasks or help head committees formed by the Directors, i.e. Travel Coordinator. Coordinators are usually comprised of volunteers from the community with unique skills for their area of expertise, passion to better the lives of young athletes and the community at large, and the desire for CAVC to grow into an amazing company for the future generations. Our Coaches are the most visible staff members under the Juniors program that are on the front lines of blessing our members’ lives.

The CAVC staff is ever vigilant in facilitating new opportunities, expansion, and fun for its members and the community at large. Want to learn more, please visit our About Us page:

About Us

The following is a brief overview and is subject to be fluid as we shape each season to the best benefit of our members and the growth of the club.

Tryouts take place in early October. CAVC pre-season, for team levels that apply, begins early November to mid December consisting of clinics and conditioning. Silver level teams will also begin practices during pre-season). The main season begins the first week in January and goes until the end of May; and for some teams may continue into April. CAVC will highly encourage and support teams after April if they want to pursue major tournaments in the post-season at a direct additional cost.

Please visit the pricing page in the Juniors section to see the base product for each team level; all levels are capable of adding more options to their schedule should the team choose upgrading to a hybrid product.

Parents and players can expect a professional, safe and fun environment from CAVC coaches. CAVC prides itself on its coaches bringing numerous techniques and experiences to its participants via instruction of the game, skill training, and playing time opportunities in tournament settings. Parents and participants should ALWAYS feel the presence of open communication with the Coaching staff and are encouraged to ask questions or seek council from the coaches as warranted. In addition, CAVC invests in the continual training and education of our coaching staff throughout the year.

To learn more about the coaches for the season, please visit our coaching staff page:

Coaching Staff

CAVC seeks quality individuals whom share a passion and respect to our mission and philosophies. CAVC recruits, hires, trains and retains the most experienced and committed coaches available offering developmental opportunities to all coaching staff. Coaches are handpicked via a selection process and must demonstrate both coaching aptitude/experience and experience as a volleyball player.

Think you have what it takes to have the honor of being a CAVC coach? [pl_button type=”info” link=”″ target=”_self”]Apply to be a CAVC Coach[/pl_button]

A student-athlete’s age does not necessarily always coincide with their age division set by the USAV due to the start and stop of the cut-off dates for classification. To make sure you are in the correct age bracket please click the button to view the easy to read chart we made for you.

USAV Age Definitions

The Old Dominion Region has not adopted a region-wide tryout and signing policy allowing clubs to hold tryouts at their discretion. Many larger established clubs hold tryouts anytime between July and October. Tryouts for CAVC were chosen to be held in early October for facilitating the following;

  • Ordering uniforms
  • Tournament registration
  • Reserving Practice facilities
  • Reserving large blocks of hotel rooms for tournaments
  • Preparations for the pre-season and clinics starting in November

CAVC will do its best to place every student-athlete on a team, given enough resources are made available to field those teams (i.e. players, coaches and practice facilities). The process of making a team is governed by the student-athletes earning the best team placement offer possible through the evaluation of their tryout performance.

The quantitative skills assessment will take place thirty minutes before the start time, so please remember to arrive early on the first day to check in and begin this process. The first day is filled with objective assessments and more fundamental drill work involving volleyball related skills. The second day of tryouts will have more position based drills (primary and secondary option) and game-like situations to objectively evaluate other more intangible skills associated with the sport. Drills will be run by the coaching staff and there will likewise be a panel of CAVC coaches on the sidelines involved in the evaluation and selection process.

Yes. Please arrive a minimum of thirty minutes prior to the start of your age level to check-in and begin the quantitative skills assessment on the first day of tryouts. CAVC is holding a two day tryout for the following reasons: to give players more time to be evaluated, to redeem one’s performance if struggling on the first day (the final decisions on team placement will not take place until after the second day of tryouts), and to enable flexibility to those rare case-by-case pre-approved situations where a player is unable to attend both days due to an unavoidable circumstance.

CAVC offers a variety of team tiers to accommodate all levels of ability and commitment. They are Elite, Power and Club.

Only one Elite team (12s & up) per age level will be formed.
Only one Power team (12s & up) per age level will be formed.
As many Club teams (12s & up) as necessary/able will be formed.

It is CAVCs goal to support as many teams necessary so that not one student-athlete is turned away. However, logistical restraints (# of players, coaches, and practice facility availability) will ultimately determine the number of teams CAVC can field which may vary year to year.

Ideally, CAVC is anticipating between 9 to 12 athletes on every team. While the emphasis is to keep teams towards the lower end of that range, it will ultimately depend on the number of players selected from the merit-based tryouts and team necessity in keeping with our goal of providing opportunities for all and the proper components for a competitive team.

USAV Age Placement Chart

Parents and players are asked upon registration for tryouts to indicate/specify team level preference (not age division) regarding Pink, Green, Navy and/or Silver. Sometimes a student-athlete’s performance at tryouts places them higher on the tier level then they put when registering, so it is very important to mark the absolute highest tier that you are willing to commit to.

Please note that placement is based on the evaluation of a student-athlete’s TRYOUT performance.

Many CAVC athletes participate in more than one sport/activity during the club season. Typically as teams advance to higher levels of competition (not specifically higher age division), CAVC sees fewer athletes in multiple sports as the demand for specialization and time commitment is higher.

Yes, CAVC’s payment plan allows families to spread costs over the length of the season in 3 installments on the following dates November 1st, December 1st, January 1st. All payments made after the 16th will pay a $35 late fee.

Club membership fees may be paid by debit or credit card through the Sports CRM account.

Yes. The following is a list of additional costs.

  • USAV national membership fee $50.00 mandatory for participation in any club in the country
  • Silver Teams only = AAU membership
  • CAVC tryout fee
  • CAVC Fundraising deposit $50.00 –required at team signing
  • Individual tournament expenses. (costs not covered by CAVC, i.e. gas, food, hotels, etc…)

Obtaining athletic scholarships to play in college sports is extremely competitive. Currently only Division I schools offer athletic scholarships. Division II and III athletes are eligible for academic and community scholarships.

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