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Using our passion for volleyball, for over a decade now, CAVC strives to promote the growth and development of athletes of any age, gender, or ability level to become better at life. Junior tryouts begin in October, the links below will start your journey.

You are invited to become part of the team! Participate in our tryouts, so that you can accomplish even more together than you can apart.Learn More
Upgrade from average citizen to CAV player extraordinaire. Information on how to register online, or in person, for the Junior’s club season.Learn More
Invest in the opportunities for your child to excel and the process for life enrichment. Information on bringing growth through resources.Learn More
A treasure trove of bountiful material. Informational and printable documents to help you get a strong footing and your barrings straight.Learn More

Recent News

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“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”
Amelia Earhart

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Why Choose Us?

  • CAV consistently provides the most competitive and successful volleyball program in Central Virginia to young adults ages 10-18 for over a decade
  • CAV facilitates college athletics – 100% of seniors interested have been able to play volleyball at the collegiate level
  • CAV requires young athletes to build leadership skills that improve confidence and other life skills.
  • CAV athletes learn sportsmanship and teamwork through consistent struggle towards improvement
  • CAV athletes forge lifelong friendships through efficient practice time, travel and team bonding activities

Change Someone’s Future, Become a CAV Sponsor

CAV Sponsors are ambassadors who want to help create a positive impact in the lives of youth and their community. Our sponsors are volunteers who share LIFE with others by raising funds and support for the variety of CAV projects.

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